Treehouse of Horror XXIV

As I’m sure is understood, it’s pretty much impossible for me to carry on until the “holiday” is over. I’m not a fan of all that smoke/fog and have found myself either turning the brightness up or zooming in all the way.

Anyway, this gives me time to finish off GTA V so all is not lost.



PuffyNugget’s town

This is my first full-sized Springfield and I’m really pleased with it! It took more than double the time (and screenshots) of a smaller town but was well worth it.

I’ve uploaded three sizes (when clicked). The top one is standard size, the second a larger size and the thumbnail below it is a 34MB fully zoomable version which is worth a look.

(click for larger image)


(click for larger image)


(click for much larger image)puffynuggetlarge